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The Chaperone has become a necessity in the insurance and legal industries. Chaperones act as completely impartial third-party witnesses or observers during physical and mental health examinations. Not only do they protect you and your file, they add another level of support during the most sensitive situations where confidentiality and comfort are essential for a successful assessment for both the assessor and the patient. Chaperones are used regularly for medico-legal assessments. In such a litigious world, the Chaperone is an integral layer to your litigation safety-net.

TIGI Associates Inc. Chaperones go above and beyond the call of duty. In some cases, the Chaperone is called on to assist with administrative duties at busy multi-disciplinary medical evaluation centres. Alleviating pressure at clinics, ensuring the visit goes smoothly and timelier as they alleviate some of the pressure of clinic admin staff. Our Chaperones become familiar with the specific clinic, individual assessor requirements and general office procedures if specifically requested by the client.

Our professional Chaperones are thoroughly vetted through impartially sourced background and reference checks. All our experts are subject to Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements.

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