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We utilize federally recognized and certified translators from accredited national directories in both Canada and the United States. The importance of working with an accredited and federally recognized translator is proven to avoid legal disputes, costly mistakes, retranslation and embarrassment!

Translation is a key part of operating in a global market. TIGI Associates Inc. is a strong supporter of working with certified translators who specialize in document translation from the most general to technical texts. Our team will assess your criteria, ask about your target audience and research your requirements for the best possible outcome. Expert translators have specialities. Just because an individual has translation skills does not mean they can effectively translate any material. We work hard to isolate your specific needs and find a reputable expert whose experience directly reflects those.

We do not use “machine translation”, we work with skilled and certified professionals. We advocate the use of industry tested technical tools to enhance quality, research terminology and build lexicons of corporation-specific jargon.

If you are faced with a language barrier, TIGI Associates Inc. is capable of breaking that barrier, by assessing your needs and matching those with a specific and COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTION! From simultaneous conferencing to simple telephone correspondence, if language is your issue, we will face that challenge and solve your problem with results driven team of experts.

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