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Legal Chaperones
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We Work With Insurance Companies, Law firms & Large Corporations Across Canada

We do help people on their personal documents.

Certified Document translations

We utilize federally recognized and certified translators from accredited national directories in both Canada and the United States.

Accredited Interpreting

Our roster of accredited and professional interpreters and translators are experts in legal, insurance, medical, technical and general interpreting.

Chaperones & party witnesses

Chaperones act as completely impartial third-party witnesses or observers during physical and mental health examinations.

Reliable Transportation

As part of our commitment to offering total customer satisfaction and seeing a client or patient through any legal process, we also provide reliable transportation.

We're A team You Can Trust to Deliver On-Time, in 100+ languages

Our goal is to provide you with accredited, court approved and expert language services at competitive prices. With the best customer service team in the industry!

We Are Your Full Service & Interpreting
& translations Agency with 25+ Years Experience

TIGI Associates Inc. has more than 2000 interpreters, translators and professional chaperones on our active roster.

Our two cardinal rules; Provide outstanding customer service ALWAYS and meet and exceed every client’s quality expectations. We don’t just send you ‘anybody’, we send you the best of the best by meeting your very specific criteria. We send you a professional with proven results.

We research specific requirements and educate you to get the most economical and trusted results in all services we provide.

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3 step process for
client Success

By utilizing an expert who is accredited, certified or court approved, the interpretation/translation is difficult to dispute. This is avoids embarrassment, expensive corrections and even law suits. Any service we provide is double confirmed with the interpreter, chaperone & transportation the day before any appointment.


We Consult With You

To address your project goals as accurately as possible, we consult with you and hear about your needs.


We Secure & Assign the Right Resources

Leveraging our 2000+ interpreters within our team, we identify the right team members to assist with your project.


We Get the Work Done Accurately & On-Time

With the sufficient information in hand, we utilize all of our resources to fulfill your requests accurately and on time.

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COVID-19 Announcement

All our experts have to pass a mandatory government legislated screening process, prior to EVERY SINGLE APPOINTMENT. This includes a customer survey which indicates if any rules or procedure was not been adhered to, such as wearing a mask.
We also identify anyone who has traveled out of country with a signed guarantee of mandatory self isolation periods. We encourage digital and virtual meetings as we all go through these trying times. Our mission is to keep all of us safe, while operating with efficiency and not losing a moment of professionalism. Our health and yours is priority one. We’ve added an extra layer of protection by aligning ourselves with two top-tier health care professionals.
One, who’s job it is to stay on top of government mandated regulations as well as constant updates, the other, a Psychiatric practitioner to help with our overall mental health and the issues that arise from being isolated while playing on the same team. We are vigilant with and care deeply about the impact from all angles. We have you covered. We have ourselves covered too.